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Experience, adjustment, inspection is not needed. !!

You can get the fastest time by only the quick release the clutch pedal of your vehicle.
ATS Clutch series with max transmission force 4000ps ATSMAX4000 is released now.
This full carbon clutch is a top of our carbon clutch series.
Overwhelming transmission force and almighty performance will meet your
high level expectations for the powered engine.ATS Clutch series with max transmission force 4000ps ATSMAX4000 is released now.
This full carbon clutch is a top of our carbon clutch series.
Overwhelming transmission force and almighty performance will meet your
high level expectations for the powered engine.

9kg Single Clutch has 1000PS capacity!!

ATS Full Carbon Single clutch, we aim to improve the durability performance in the most severe test conditions. Single clutch has participated many times in time attack and circuit race in the Z32 of the 1000PS of C & Y SPORTS.

8kg Single Clutch has 1500PS capacity!!

This clutch is compatible with the normal clutch.

Maintenance-free !!

ATS Full Carbon Clutch transmits 4000 PS with the same handling as a normal clutch.

Automatically reduce impact by disk slip!!

ATS Full Carbon Clutch protects the engines and the gears of your vehicle from launch impact.

ATS does not use centrifugal force !!

Using centrifugal force increases engine power loss.


1. Twice transmission force than a carbon clutch which rubs with iron and carbon. Even cold situation, there’s no slips.
2. Due to carbon will not distort, ATSMAX4000 allows half-clutch, clutch fir, kicking clutch and rocket start.
3. Compatible the characteristic of clutch disconnection and half-clutch both. (After break in your car, the range of half-clutch will be little narrow)
4. Very good quality gloss film will be formed before wearing the surface of carbon 0.01mm to 0.02mm and realize an astounding abrasion resistance. (required the break-in)
5. Enable to select the best setting with combination of quantity of disk from 3pcs to 9pcs and cover crimping force 1100Kg to 2700Kg.
6. Prevent from carbon plate destroy by 40pc nails on outside nail plate which covered with high precision casing.
7. Equipped flywheel for full carbon, casing and clutch hub to withstand 1000 to 4000ps.
8. Automatically absorb the shock wave within 0.1 second generated the friction characteristic of carbon to drive train.
9. Lower the rattling sound of Getrag transmission. (combination with using noise reduction oil together, the effect will be higher)
10. Asserts the existence in a unique cell start tone. (in case of RB engine)

Quad and Triple

QUAD can transfer Max4000ps. TRIPLE You can transfer Max 3000PS. In other rearranges the clutch plates, you can make any QUAD and TRIPLE.

Twin and Single

TWIN can transfer Max2000ps. SINGLE can transfer Max 1000PS.

Alminum and Steel Cover

We correspond your demand spec for clutch cover. From above : [steel cover with hole] This cover is heavier 800g than aluminum cover but in case of cover cramping force is more than 1600Kg, you need to use this cover. The thickness and outer shape are as same as aluminum cover. [steel cover without hole] If you prefer to gain the clutch weight like drag race, please use this cover which is heavier 2.6Kg than aluminum cover. Thickness will increase so there will be some model can not be used. [aluminum cover (forging)] This cover is the standard cover of twin and triple clutch.

Friction of carbon and carbon

Current ATS carbon clutch is using the friction force with carbon disc and steel disc. Full carbon clutch is using the friction force only with carbon and carbon. For example, Single clutch is joined 3pcs carbon disc together like the picture shows and transmit the engine power with the friction force with carbon and carbon. So that the transmission force will be up twice and there are many benefits like very light weight of disc, prevent from thermal strain with half-clutch and long life.

Avoid steel-plates warping and heavy weight

The pressure plate with salient part to receive the cone spring pressure is the most use up part and also deform part. Exchanging the salient parts to 20pcs pins as carbon disc of the pedestal of pressure plate, we success the reinforcement for the pressure and measurement for heat deformation. The pins are fixed to the holes which had opened to carbon disc with the processes just below the flange by the epoxy adhesive.

molded by a wire cut machine

We adopt a very sturdy structure assumes the input of 1000 to 4000pcs for the casing to transmit the engine power to outside of pressure plate and center plate and also equipped with a sufficient safety in needed with thick wall and with 20pcs M8 bolts fixed to the flywheel. The drain to receive outer nails of carbon disc is processed with wire-cut to secure the high accuracy and surface roughness.

The ultimate impact resistance

10 years we had spent for developing ATSMAX 4000 was to protect this part from the damages and destruction and multiplied with the sufficient cost to be the ideal structure. In other words, the shape of 40 outer nails on carbon disc keeps the contact angle not to break by the torque and also designed the casing won’t eat into carbon itself. With considering the stress concentration, each nail is connected with a gentle curvature. We realized the extremely accuracy for the gap between nail and ditch which is very important factor for nails consumption and breakings if nail set the center of ditch 0.3mm and the dispersion of gap is only within 0.02mm.

capable of transmitting 1000PS

This picture shows the contact damage caused by contact with nails of pressure plate and casing. This picture was taken after 3 races.(Now after the 100 races there is no change in this state.) The vehicle was 1,000pcs with our full carbon single clutch. There is a color change on contact point with casing but the level difference did not generate. Again this picture proves to endure single 1000ps, twin 2000ps, triple 3000ps and quad 4000ps.

The method of fixing the single clutch disc

Since the full carbon clutch assumes the versatility of the half-clutch, there is a possibility burning the clutch hub in red for the single clutch so we have changed the fixing method using a special rivet because there’s a heat tolerance problem by fixing the current single disc method (steel wire stopper ring).

Gloss film stops the wear

Carbon material obtained from our trial and error of more than 10 years performs highly for structural strength, transmission performance, cold performance and durability. Especially for the durability, after break-in with initial wear of 0.01 to 0.1mm, we have confirmed that a gloss film uniforms and extremely reduce the subsequent wear on the surface like this photo. This is a mechanism enable to realize for triple clutch with disc wear amount 0.01mm after 15 drag races.

Full Carbon Clutch Triple / QUAD

QUAD transmits the 4000PS at the maximum.